Have you ever felt that Success is not good enough, that the deal you just closed is not sweet enough, anymore? Have you ever wondered if there is more to just achieving more success and acquiring more things in life? Most people have. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people turn 50 years old each day in major cities around the world, and more than half of these individuals want more meaning and significance in their second half.

Are these questions familiar in your mind?

  • I have accomplished what I set out to do, but is there more to life? Am I alone in feeling this way?
  • How much (stuff, money, advancement) is enough? In what ways is my success a platform for something even more meaningful?
  • What am I really passionate about? What are my core values and greatest strengths?
  • How can I find eternal significance? How might my spouse and I share this new experience?
  • Who can come alongside me to provide wisdom and insights during this journey?
  • How can I open up enough margins in my life to pursue my calling? How do I prepare myself and my family for this transition? What legacy do I desire to leave through my children and grandchildren?
  • What specific arenas of service might fit my skills and passions?

Welcome to Halftime! Over the past decade, the Halftime® organization (www.halftime.org) has become the leading authority in this space. We focus our efforts on individuals just like you—financially independent marketplace leaders with a deep desire for a second half rich in eternal significance. 

In 1995, Bob Buford captured his thoughts on the transition from success to significance in a book called Halftime (Zondervan, 1995). This was a natural outgrowth of Bob's personal journey. After building a tremendously successful cable television business, Buford had embarked on a parallel life of service—by founding Leadership Network (www.leadnet.org), a non-profit that enhances innovative church practices, and helping launch the Peter F. Drucker Foundation for Nonprofit Management.

But the publication and huge success of the book Halftime, marked a turning point for Bob and put words to what many people were already feeling. People from all over the country contacted Bob, affirming that he had captured "exactly what I've been feeling." Soon, business and professional leaders were urging Bob to create an avenue for those who wanted to answer "yes" to the call of halftime. In 1998, with the counsel of Peter Drucker, Bob responded by forming the organization that is today known as Halftime (formerly FaithWorks). This fast-growing organization has now grown to include dozens of staff and partners all across the country. Today, Halftime provides a wide array of products, services and experiences both directly and indirectly through other channels (including financial professionals, ministries and churches). The commitment is to personally walk with individual Halftimers to help them discover and live out God's call in a sustainable way.

Mission Halftime's mission is to inspire business and professional leaders to embrace God's calling and move from success to significance. As these leaders achieve maximum leverage and return on their investment of time and resources, dramatically changed lives and healthier communities naturally follow. Our strategic objectives include:

  • Inspiring marketplace leaders to investigate and pursue a life of significance
  • Presenting a personal discovery process by which interested individuals can identify their gifts, calling and passion
  • Delivering resources, experiences, ideas and best practices to facilitate the transition from success to significance
  • Introducing interested leaders to serving opportunities through the church, in their communities and around the world

What is Halftime? The Halftime® organization is, hence in essence, a community of individuals together seeking to support, encourage, learn and accelerate the attainment of a life that is truly significant. Have you achieved success—only to find that something is missing? If so, you may be ready to begin the most exciting journey of your life - the journey from success to significance. It's commonly called Halftime.

Halftime is a season of life that offers the opportunity to look back on what you've accomplished, understand who you are, and then re-direct your time and talent for an even more purposeful second half.

  • How do I begin to find the serving opportunities that fit me?
  • How do I decide between various serving opportunities?
  • How can I make my new vision fit with my financial situation?
  • Where can I make my highest and best contribution?
  • How will I measure my effectiveness?
  • Am I growing closer to God and to those I love as I embark on this new journey?
How can Halftime Asia help you?

Along the way and at the end of the discovery journey, Halftime Asia will assist our participants address various questions to help them

  1. Get Clear
  2. Get Free
  3. Get Going

Stages of the Journey

  • Discovering Vision,
  • Guided Reflection,
  • Diverse Exposure, &
  • Enduring Impact.

You've done a lot of things in your life. But let's face it – navigating through midlife isn't one of them. That's an experience you only do once. If you want to pursue the journey from success to significance, learning from the experiences of others—those who have "been there and done that"—is a good place to start. In over a decade of guiding others on this journey, we have identified four distinct stages of the halftime journey:

Every Halftimer moves forward at their own pace and discovers their own unique calling, but they almost all go through these same four stages. Our hope is that having this simple model in mind frees you to view this as a journey. Through each of these four stages there are three primary issues to which Halftimers need to find answers:

  • Core (your passions and strengths),
  • Capacity (margin in your time, talent and treasure to live our your mission) and
  • Context (the organization, setting and role that's your second-half sweet spot to carry out your mission).

The Halftime Asia core team includes(L-R above )
Gan Thiam Boon, Albert Chan, Halftime founder bob Buford,
CC Chang, Lim Kim Pong, Lee Han Kiat,
and (not in photo) San Wee and Leonard Yeow.

Who is Halftime Asia? The Halftime Asia Group was formed in late 2008 upon the successful completion of The Halftime Institute of the core group with Bob Buford and the Halftime leadership team in Dallas, Texas, USA. Comprising of members who serve on a pro-bono basis, today they provide help to the Halftimers in Singapore and around Asia through a variety of activities that include:

  • Vision Casting events at large or small scale level; these are done either as public events, or in partnership with local churches and organisations,
  • Halftime Small Group or Roundtable Table sessions; these are regular sessions over 6 to 8 sessions where mutually accountable members journey together to un-lock the answers to their individual and group Halftime directions for their 2nd half of their lives,
  • Summits; these are 2.5 days duration sessions of invited participants who qualify the invitation shortlist, and they journey together and learn from each other and the workshop leader about their Halftime journeys.
  • One-to-one personal Haltime coaching by certified Halftime coaches.

Events & Calendar For the remaining months of 2012, we have been committed to the following activities :

  • Various Vision Casting events – with selected churches and organisations
  • Selected Halftime Small Groups led by our core team members
  • Halftime Summits 2012 – Summit 1 will be from October 8 – 10, 2012 and Summit II will be from October 11 – 13, 2012.

Contact Halftime Asia If you are interested to participate in our activities, we would like to hear from you.
You can email us at enquiry@halftime-asia.org

Find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HalftimeAsia